A scientific detective story

Our latest paper required a deep dive into the history of plant pathology Today my colleagues and I are pleased to present our new paper on the Geometry and Evolution of the Ecological Niche in Plant-Associated Microbes in Nature Communications. The paper describes the temperature responses and host ranges of hundreds of fungi and oomycetes … Continue reading A scientific detective story

Revealing the hidden threat from crop pests

Five years ago I gave at talk at the International Mycological Congress, IMC10, in Bangkok, on the distributions of crop pests and pathogens around the world. One aspect which hadn’t received much attention was the problem of pseudo-absences in the pest distribution data we use, obtained from the CABI Knowledge Bank. CABI’s pest distribution data … Continue reading Revealing the hidden threat from crop pests

PhD on Fusarium Wilt of Banana

Preparing for Fusarium Wilt of Banana in Latin America and the Caribbean We have a PhD position available on the SWBIO Doctoral Training Programme, on the threats facing banana production from Fusarium Wilt, a.k.a. Panama Disease. You can apply here: https://www.swbio.ac.uk/programme/how-to-apply/ Main supervisor: Dr Daniel Bebber (University of Exeter) Second supervisors: Prof Sarah Gurr (University … Continue reading PhD on Fusarium Wilt of Banana

PhD in Climate, Disease, and the International Coffee Market

Climate, disease, and the international coffee market: Sustainable Futures – MPhil/PhD (Funded) Ref: 3024 About the award This studentship is offered as part of a call between SWBio DTP (BBSRC) and SWDTP (ESRC) for a competition-funded studentship to commence in September 2018. Location: Streatham Campus, Exeter. Academic Supervisors: Professor Steve McCorriston. University of Exeter Dr … Continue reading PhD in Climate, Disease, and the International Coffee Market


MUSA -Microbial Uptakes for Sustainable management of major bananA pests and diseases is a 4-year, €4 million international project funded by the European Commission Horizon 2020 initiative. Fungal diseases, nematodes and weevils affect global banana production and therefore food security, causing huge annual losses across banana-producing regions. In regions such as Sub Saharan Africa (SSA) … Continue reading MUSA