Meeting the producers


In March 2017 the BananEx team met with banana producer organizations from major exporting nations to the UK, in the port city of Santa Marta, Colombia. We discussed the issues faced by growers in the region, and visited banana plantations to share experiences and ideas. Fusarium wilt, certification costs, and low banana prices were highlighted as major issues by the producers.

The meeting was funded by a Global Challenges Research Fund Impact Accelerator Award, and was hosted by Anuar Escaf, Executive President of the Asociación de Bananeros del Magdalena y La Guajira (ASBAMA).

bananasantamarta The port city of Santa Marta © David Bebber


  • Dr Dan Bebber, Prof Steve McCorriston, Dr Annalisa Marini & Dr Varun Varma (University of Exeter, UK)
  • Farrah Adam Jiménez (UN FAO World Banana Forum, Rome)
  • Dr Ximena Rueda Fajardo (Universidad de los Andes, Colombia)
  • Anuar Escaf, Indhira Reyes & Karen…

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